Assembly, contract packaging,
and picking and packing services

Unity is strength! Today, this statement is more relevant than ever. At LEVI PACK, we have embraced this motto for years, and especially during times of crisis, we have expanded our attractive co-packing offering for you. Whether it's assembly, contract packaging, or picking and packing services, LEVI PACK provides you with the entire spectrum of services and solutions related to co-packing. All from a single source and at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Co-packing means collaboration.

Meaning of Co-Packing

Well packed is half won. But what exactly does "Co-Packing" mean? Co-Packing is a logistics service that includes packaging, repackaging, adding packaging, as well as the assembly, picking, and storage of products and goods from the food and non-food industries.

This requires expertise and organizational talent. As a packaging specialist with several years of experience, LEVI PACK offers you exactly that.

Assembly/Packaging in Hamburg

From our Co-Packing location in Billbrook, Hamburg, your product begins its journey through supermarkets across Germany.

What sets our service apart: Your goods can either go directly from our Co-Packing location to the retail market or be safely stored there under optimal conditions.

Co-Packing for large and small businesses

Not only medium-sized but also large companies and well-known retail brands like LIDL or EDEKA rely on our Co-Packing expertise. No wonder: For years, LEVI PACK has been impressing with its expertise and tailor-made packaging solutions for medium-sized businesses and the industry.

Furthermore, an increasing number of startups from the North and all over Germany choose to take advantage of our versatile Co-Packing offering. The reason is that we gladly provide you with volume-independent packaging and Co-Packing offers at an unbeatable price. Whether it's displays, doypacks, trays, or folding cartons – our packaging stands out for its highest quality, appealing appearance, and ensures that your product is securely stored and attracts attention at the point of sale.