Folding box

High-quality and customizable

Printed cartons score in multiple ways. Standardized and sturdy, they are ideal for product storage. When adorned with custom prints, they become part of the company's image and convey a brand message.

Additionally, folding cartons have the advantage of efficient storage in their unfolded state. As a specialist in packaging with high, well-thought-out point-of-sale potential, Levi Pack GmbH also manufactures folding boxes with logos, thus adding another essential product to its range. Our stated goal is to work with you to design the appearance of your packaging, achieving the best possible presentation of the items at the point of sale.

Application areas


Our boxes are made of high-quality and sturdy cardboard. They are shipped unfolded, making them perfect for storage.

Whether folded by machine or manually, the boxes are folded with printing to accommodate the respective product, protecting it from dust and damage and bringing it to the forefront at the point of sale.

Share your ideas with us, and our experts will tailor the product packaging in size and shape to fit the contents. Thus, at Levi Pack, you can buy perfectly fitting folding boxes, whether in small or large quantities.

Get your folding boxes custom printed.

Standing out from an extensive range is a challenge. By getting your folding boxes custom printed and entrusting the design to the competent hands of Levi Pack, a significant step is taken. However, we also place great value on collaboration with you to creatively implement your ideas: Only in this way can a product packaging emerge that is not only distinctive but also precisely matches your vision.

Folding boxes with logos ideally capture the customer's attention at first glance and evoke desires for the product. They also serve as space for additional information about the item. Moreover, boxes in outstanding designs contribute to a positive corporate image.