Pos Displays

Perfect for Product Presentation

At the Point of Sale, displays serve to direct the customers' attention to the presented items. They are thus an important component of the sales strategy. The design of the sales display plays a crucial role: On the one hand, it should visually stand out from the other displays to attract attention. On the other hand, a recognition effect should also be achieved, and the design should be in harmony with the overall brand and corporate identity.

Levi Pack GmbH introduces various displays, including standard, long-term, and logistics displays, as well as counter displays. We offer solutions tailored to your products and brand.

Application areas

Sales displays

Sales displays are often referred to as point-of-sale packaging. Displays are typically made of cardboard and can be quickly set up at the point of sale. The front of the packaging is open, making it easy to take out individual items. The displays are strategically placed to encourage impulse buying.

hexagonal bins

Another variation of these floor displays is hexagonal bins. These can also be filled with various small products that customers can easily take as they pass by.

Counter display

In addition to the large product displays, there is also a smaller version designed for the store counter or shelf, namely the counter display.

Short-term and long-term displays

It is also important to distinguish between short-term and long-term displays. The latter are usually made of more durable materials such as wood or metal.

types of displays

Standard display or custom-made display

As a display specialist, we are also your competent partner when it comes to designing stands. Our experienced experts in the field of graphics create a high-quality sales display according to your wishes, effectively conveying the brand and advertising message at the point of sale (POS), and capturing the interest of customers in the respective product.

Whether it's a standard display or a custom-made one, let us advise you to achieve the best possible result in presenting and second placing your items.