Doypacks and Bags

Functional, appealing, and effective for advertising

Doypacks are an ideal form of packaging both in functional and visual aspects. They are used in various industries because they can be filled with different products. Levi Pack GmbH manufactures these practical packages in custom sizes and takes care of your individual printing. For example, our pouches are a secure and tightly sealed delivery option for food, effectively displayed at the point of sale.

Doypacks are bags that stand upright thanks to their shape and stability. This makes them ideal for placement on shelves or in a display.

Often, stand-up pouches have a bottom fold. They are sealed, ensuring the contents are reliably protected from moisture and other influences. Food stays fresh and aromatic in this airtight packaging. Another advantage lies in their lightweight nature and flexibility, allowing for space-saving delivery and storage. They come in various designs, including tear notches, spouts, or resealable options.

Other stand-up pouches are suitable for the microwave and thus ideal for ready-made meals.

Application areas


The packaging bags can be filled with solid, powdered, thick or thin liquid products. Food companies appreciate these bags because they preserve the aroma optimally. Therefore, pouches are suitable for tea, coffee, spice blends, sweets, sauces, and more.
They are also found in the drugstore and electronics sectors.

As experienced Doypacks experts, we not only manufacture high-quality and attractive stand-up pouches but also ensure, thanks to a highly competent team, brilliant and unique printing effects on the packaging. Logo, advertising message, the characteristic colors of your company – in collaboration with you, we achieve a result that effectively showcases your product at the point of sale.

Feel free to take advantage of our expertise if you have any questions and discuss your ideas with us.


Are you looking for a stylish and practical packaging solution for your cosmetic products? Our stand-up pouches for cosmetics offer the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. With their numerous advantages, they are the ideal choice for your cosmetics line.

Our stand-up pouches are available in flexo or even in small quantities in digital printing to meet your individual requirements. They are not only highly attractive but also provide excellent protection for your cosmetic products. Thanks to the sturdy bottom, they can be easily displayed on shelves or counters.