TRAYS as promotional items.

Our solutions in the area of Shelf Ready Packaging go far beyond meeting the trade requirements for optimal shelf replenishment. At Levi Pack GmbH, we pursue a comprehensive approach in Retail Ready Packaging that not only covers shelf replenishment and supply chain requirements but also focuses on the interaction and communication with the customer at the shelf.

Our Retail Ready Packaging solutions are designed not only to ensure an efficient presentation of your products on the shelves but also to optimize brand communication and enhance the shopping experience for the customer. We understand that the competition in the retail sector is intense, and therefore, we offer customized packaging that is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing and easy to handle.

Application areas

Merchandise carriers made of corrugated cardboard.

Individual product carriers can also be designed and used as beverage packages for a packaging unit. These cartons, referred to as carriers, are made of various materials and can accommodate different quantities of units. The latter are commonly found in the beverage section of discount stores.

At Levi Pack, we understand the requirements across various industries and leverage our expertise to provide you with outstanding tray packaging that fulfills your product promise. We have already implemented versatile solutions for various sectors, drawing on our wealth of experience. Our solutions have been successfully realized for accommodating cans, bottles, packaged small products, pouch packaging, or doy packs.

Merchandise carriers are typically made from a single piece and manufactured from corrugated cardboard. They can be printed in multiple colors and die-cut. This makes tray packaging well-suited for product presentation. The particular advantage lies in the fact that the height of the packaging can be designed as needed, allowing for excellent customization based on the load capacity of the contents.

High-quality and reliable.

Our printing specifications are sent to large tray manufacturers who competently implement our designs. This means that choosing us implies selecting experts when you want to buy trays. With our location, we are well-suited to finding short distances to customers.

The recycling of our merchandise carrier packagings is also ensured once they have fulfilled their function in the trade. We are committed to responsible handling of corrugated cardboard, paper, and cartons resources. We conduct all product development in a way that "used" product carriers can be economically efficient and reliably recycled.