Verpackung für Apotheke und Drogerie

for pharmaceutical products

We are your specialist for packaging of all kinds. In addition to shipping packaging, displays, and counter displays or folding boxes, we now also offer pharmaceutical packaging for pharmacies.

Everyone is familiar with it, products lined up on shelves, one next to the other - closely packed. As a customer, keeping track of everything is often not easy. Featured products or new items need to be clearly labeled to stand out.

Application areas

Showcased perfectly with a folding box

Highlight specific products, newcomers, or promotional items perfectly – with pharmaceutical packaging from Levi Pack! Certain products in high-quality packaging with your individual print immediately catch the eye and stand out from other products on the shelf. Exclusive packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products are also considered a sales promotion measure.

With our folding boxes, you ensure order and clarity on your pharmacy shelves. As a result, products sell significantly better. In addition to pharmaceutical packaging and packaging for toiletries or medication, you can also get counter displays for the sales counter in your pharmacy from us. Position specific products in a mini-display on the counter, turning them into a Point of Sale (POS).

The perfect first impression.

Whether for marketing campaigns as displays or for the perfect first impression on the shelf, at Levi Pack, you get high-quality packaging solutions. Have them individually printed with your logo or a message and thereby increase the sales potential of your products.

However, not only in-store presentation is crucial for sales success. For this reason, you also get shopping bags and shipping packaging from us for secure transport.

Faltschachtel Hamburg

Packaging solutions for drugstores and pharmacies.

Whether for protecting pharmaceutical products in the final packaging or for storing goods, with our extensive product range, we offer a suitable solution for every application. Our Levi Pack product lines are particularly suitable for use in drugstores and pharmacies.

With our folding boxes, customers from all industries are supplied, who value a secure and visually appealing packaging for their products. As a specialist in folding boxes, we are your contact and will undoubtedly find the perfect packaging solution for your product.