About us

Welcome to the exciting world of boxes, doypacks, and creativity! 

Hello, dear friends of stylish packaging and aesthetic enhancement! We're not just a packaging company - we're THE packaging design wizards who transform your products into an unforgettable experience. 

More than 10 years ago, Lydia Schuller took the bold leap into the world of packaging art and founded this unique company. Since then, we've brought countless products to life in chic boxes, elegant bags, and charming packaging. Whether it's delicate chocolates, fashionable accessories, or futuristic gadgets, we've elevated the art of packaging to a new level. Our team of creative minds juggles colors, shapes, and patterns as if there were no tomorrow.

So, why choose us? Because we don't just package your products, we transform them into small works of art. We're a mix of creativity, style, and a healthy dose of humor.

Ready to make your products shine anew? Let's write the next chapter in your company's story together! Contact us today, and let's unleash the magic of packaging.

Lydia Schuller


Favorite packaging style
POS Display in Barbie Pink

Shaping a greener future, one package at a time.

My goal is to strengthen our position as a leading packaging company by leveraging new technologies to develop sustainable and efficient solutions for our customers. Today, over ten years since its founding, Levi Pack's journey reminds me that each of us has the power to bring about change. Our packaging serves as a reminder that visions, coupled with determination, can change the world.


Svetlana Andriyenko


Favorite packaging style

Insider secret
Doesn't like frothed milk in her coffee.

In recent years, I've gained extensive experience in managing key clients, always focusing on building strong relationships while achieving business objectives. My dream is not just to be a service provider but a trusted partner who helps our clients achieve their goals. I look forward to working with each of you and contributing to ensuring our business relationships are successful and sustainable.

Leniana Ibraeva

Financial Manager

Favorite packaging style
Versandbox Fefco 427

Insider secret
Loves to dance, especially ballroom dancing.

With my experience in the financial world and my passion for numbers, I'm ready to optimize the financial processes of our company. I believe that well-managed accounting is not only the backbone of a business but also a foundation for smart business decisions. 


Jan Marimont

Sales Manager

Favorite packaging style
Doypack with zipper

Insider secret
Conquer the world.

In the past few years, I've successfully worked in sales, not only achieving sales targets but also building strong relationships with customers. I believe the key to successful sales conversations lies in the ability to understand the needs of customers and offer them tailored solutions.


Anna Ponomareva

Marketing Manager 

Favorite packaging style
Matte black magnetic boxes

Insider secret
Paint a picture sometime.

With impressive design projects, I've experienced my ascent in marketing over the past few years. I don't just advertise products – I create incredible visual stories. My goal isn't just managing clients, but being a creative ally and bringing their ideas to life in vibrant, successful projects. I'm ready to share my marketing enthusiasm with each of you, making our business relationships not only effective but also inspiring. Let's bring marketing magic into the world of design together!

Marina Zaukolkova


Favorite packaging style
Folding box

Insider secret
With an extraordinary talent for impersonating famous movie villains while doing the dishes.

In the world of packaging design, I've found my passion and infuse it into every project. My works aren't just simple packaging; they tell unique stories through shape, color, and textures. My goal is not only to create packaging but to give them individuality, making products stand out on shelves and in retail environments. I'm ready to translate your ideas into the art of packaging design, creating designs that not only grab attention but also emphasize the uniqueness of your product. Let's create magical packaging creations together!

Dmitri Korolev

IT Specialist

Favorite packaging style
Gift bags

Insider secret
Cat person

During my career, I've specialized in web design and programming. I love artificial intelligence and see its vast potential in both IT services and everyday life. Personally, I'm an athlete and chess player, which helps me bring a balanced perspective to the team.