An alternative to plastic bags.

More and more consumers are looking for a meaningful alternative to plastic bags. Therefore, stores offer sturdy, resistant, and compostable paper carrier bags. With Levi Pack, you can have a paper carrier bag printed to creatively design it and convey your marketing message. Reusable everyday items like a paper carrier bag are ideal promotional tools. They give your brand visibility in public spaces for an extended period. That's why it's worthwhile to customize paper carrier bags individually.

Levi Pack provides you with the best conditions for this. You can have your paper carrier bags adorned with a logo and, furthermore, place lettering and images as desired on the surface. Learn more here about the diverse possibilities for designing paper carrier bags.

Application areas

Paper carrier bags as eye-catchers.

Levi Pack offers you the opportunity to design your personalized paper carrier bag and have it printed in high quantities.

We exclusively use high-quality raw materials, vibrant colors, and modern printing methods for optimal results. This ensures that lettering, logos, and images on the carrier bag remain visible for a long time and in high quality. You have the choice between various sizes, shapes, and base colors. These three elements also have a significant marketing impact as they contribute to a recognition effect.

Special finishing processes.

Levi Pack's carrier bags combine color schemes, fonts, logos, and patterns into a cohesive unit that achieves a strong visual impact. The material and print quality are designed to protect the bags from abrasion and fading for a long-lasting effect. The bags offer ample space inside and feature a reinforced and tear-resistant bottom. In addition, the paper carrier bags can be visually and tactilely enhanced with special finishing processes such as cellophane coating, relief embossing, or matte and gloss plasticization. This transforms your paper carrier bags into a real eye-catcher.