Levi Pack, as a full-service provider in the packaging and fine art labels sector, is the sought-after provider in the Hamburg region and beyond.
If you are looking for exceptional graphics for fine art labels, then we should get in touch!

Application areas


Implementing advertising messages perfectly in 3D labels is our expertise!

From the beginning: from designing your task to 3D printing. Our service covers the entire process, including prepress work such as final artwork or image editing, up to color management for flexographic or offset printing.
Digital printing, used for small print runs in fine art labels, meets the highest standards of visual attention and quality.


Levi Pack offers metal labels of a special kind, with up to 8 colors (8 layers). Metallic labels and metal stickers are also within our domain. You can expect your branding to capture increased attention from customers.

This is ensured through high-quality craftsmanship as well as a premium and exclusive finish. Our label products, suitable for any smooth surface, are executed with a impact- and scratch-resistant surface lacquer finish.



At Levi Pack, we are a competent team familiar with the requirements of various industries. You can rely on our expertise to provide outstanding fine art label solutions that affirm our product promise of design and quality.

Our references demonstrate that we have already implemented a variety of interesting solutions for diverse industries.

So, leverage our profound wealth of experience.


Labels not only contain useful information for trade and consumers but should also be a stylish addition to the packaging.

With Levi Pack, you can have modern labels printed and place them as desired on packaging of all kinds.

In addition to price labeling, additional data can be integrated, such as the product category and expiration date. A barcode facilitates reading by cash register systems and logistics. For computer-assisted storage, delivery, and distribution, modern barcodes are indispensable. Levi Pack's label labels contain all the essential information and present it clearly. They can be produced using the following processes:

- Hot and cold embossing Lamination Screen printing Variable data (numbering) Personalization (name, symbol, company, designation) Structural lacquer



Experience shows that the label is an important element of packaging, playing a certain role for the consumer in the purchasing decision. Therefore, it is worthwhile to design labels intelligently and creatively.

Due to their wide distribution, label designs are an ideal advertising medium. In addition to standard information such as product group, price, expiration date, and item number, they are suitable for personalized advertising messages. With Levi Pack, you can customize your label designs as desired and easily print multicolored labels.

Levi Pack supports you with modern and efficient printing technology. Whether it's brand and company names, slogans, images, or logos, personalized label designs attract attention and arouse interest. And this applies not only to the display in the store. Because the color, imprint, and shape of the label design allow you to immediately recognize where the product was purchased.

Creative label designs
for packaging of all kinds

Shape, dimensions, and color are customizable according to your preferences. The label designs not only include all essential consumer information but also convey your marketing message.

All label designs can be produced cost-effectively in large quantities as a standard. There is a wide range of colors available, and you have the option to choose different color combinations.

There is a choice between roll labels as well as individual labels on sheets and accordions. High-quality printing and a special foil coating ensure that the label designs are robust, durable, resistant, and waterproof. Additionally, the print is protected from abrasion and fading. Showcase your products more effectively with the modern and high-quality label designs from Levi Pack.