Food packaging

To-go packaging.
from burger boxes to pizza cartons.

Whether it's pizza, burgers, or sushi: more and more people enjoy ordering their food online, especially in today's time. At LEVI PACK, we follow this trend and provide you with the complete range of fast food packaging.

From burger boxes and pizza cartons to to-go cups and paper bags, LEVI PACK offers the complete spectrum of fast food packaging for online shops, delivery services, or snack bars.

Sustainability is a top priority for us, of course.

Application areas

Fast food packaging - tailored to your taste.

What do your customers see first when they greet the delivery person at the door? That's right, the packaging! That's why it's so important that it convinces at first glance - with appealing visuals and pleasant tactile qualities.

Upon request, we enhance our burger boxes, pizza cartons, to-go cups, paper bags, and bakery bags with UV coating or high-quality laser printing. Our disposable packaging impresses with the highest quality, modern design, and ensures that your delicious product arrives safely and well-protected. LEVI PACK wishes you a good appetite!

The eye eats too

As an experienced packaging specialist, we collaborate with leading manufacturers and service providers.

We not only offer various fast food packaging solutions but also ensure brilliant and unique impressions through printing on the packaging.

Whether it's your company logo and/or your advertising message, our product designers work with you to bring your idea to life, ensuring that the delivered food tastes even better.

In addition, we assist you in designing your fast food packaging and provide guidance on packaging materials and co-packing. Feel free to ask us!

Fast food packaging
but please, make it sustainable!

Fast food and sustainability are not contradictory.

LEVI PACK offers you bio fast food packaging at a good price-performance ratio. These can be plain or environmentally printed, highlighting your branding particularly well. The same applies to burger boxes, pizza cartons, to-go cups, paper cups, paper bags, bakery bags, cardboard boxes with lids, popcorn containers, snack boxes, and much more.

To-go packaging
also suitable for startups.

Why do not only larger retail chains but also startups like working with us?

We offer you affordable and high-quality fast food packaging – even in small quantities. Moreover, we are happy to assist you in selecting a packaging form suitable for your product. Whether it's burger boxes, pizza cartons, to-go cups, paper bags, or bakery bags – we provide advice on packaging, shipping, and co-packing, ensuring that your startup becomes successful even faster.