Innovative packaging development, prototype construction, and design creation

Projekt Details

Customer: 8Panda
8Panda, an emerging company in the lifestyle products sector with a focus on sustainable materials and aesthetic design.
8Panda faced the challenge of developing packaging for their new products that is not only functional and sustainable but also perfectly represents the brand values and design aesthetics. The desire was to create packaging that gives the products a unique recognition value.


8Panda is a company that focuses on authentic Asian recipes and the associated lifestyle. Packaging for food should always reflect the origin of the products. That's why we came up with something very special for 8Panda: For the varieties "SATEY CHICKEN" and "CHICKEN KOHSAMIU," we have designed an individual cardboard packaging where the chopsticks are also the handle.
Consideration was also given to handling: The stable automatic base enables quick assembly, and the large opening makes it easy to fill the carton from above with delicious contents.

At the same time, the colors of the packaging are optimally adapted to authentic Asian street food. In this regard, we not only provided advice and development but also implemented visualization from layout to printing. In addition to the innovative and practical Asia box, we also produced flow packs for Dim Sum menus and environmentally friendly sleeves for Asian beverages.

This allowed us to support the success of the new start-up from the very beginning.

1. Packaging design
Through comprehensive market research and analysis of the target audience, a tailored packaging solution was developed. The focus was on creating packaging that reflects the brand while also being environmentally friendly.
2. Dummy construction
Before final production, highly precise dummies were created to test the physical appearance and functionality of the packaging. This allowed 8Panda to make any necessary adjustments and ensure that the packaging meets the highest standards.
3. Design creation
In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Grafikdesignern wurde ein ansprechendes und markenspezifisches Design für die Verpackung erstellt. Dabei wurden nicht nur ästhetische Aspekte berücksichtigt, sondern auch die Sichtbarkeit der Marke und Produktinformationen.